The Impossible Quiz is a brain game filled with tricky puzzles and questions to take you by surprise. The game tests your logic, thinking, and strategy all at the same time.

Do you know how to think logically? To solve these difficult questions with simple answers turn your brain on and think logically!

Solve these 110 questions before the deadline passes! You have three lives to complete this quiz. Get a high score by answering all of the questions correctly.

There is no time limit in the game. So you can spend as much time as you want think carefully about the questions asked to you.

How to Play
This exciting game offers a straightforward gameplay experience. To understand the gameplay of The Impossible Quiz, check out the following guides:

  1. To start the game, click on the Begin button, then click on the Start button.
  2. After you click the start button, you will see the first question.
  3. Continue until you have solved the final question.

Learn the Answers: I will give you the secret to getting a high score on this quiz. To get a high score, visit this website to learn the answers to the questions. Link:
Pay Attention to Bomb Questions: Bomb Questions have a 10-second time limit. You must answer them quickly to avoid being blown up.
Earn Bonuses: By answering questions correctly in the game, you can earn bonuses to skip questions.
Think Creatively: The creative questions in the game can inspire players to think outside the box.

Level 1 to 100: A Tutorial for the Determined
This YouTube video will help you to answer questions 1-100 for the impossible quiz before you start the game. Video Link:

The Impossible Quiz on Speedrun
What is Speedrun?
Speedrun is a website that helps you complete games as quickly as possible, record your progress and share it with the world.

The Impossible Quiz: A new record has been broken.
Minidanger13 sets a new world record for the impossible quiz on Speedrun with a time of 3m 52s 250ms. Check it out here:

That person is so fast! They finished the game in a really short time, and they answered all 110 questions correctly.

The Impossible Quiz 2: A sequel that will challenge and amaze you.
If you're a fan of The Impossible Quiz, you'll love the sequel. The Impossible Quiz 2 features improved gameplay and graphics, as well as challenging questions that will test your skills to the limit.

Click Here to Play: The Impossible Quiz 2